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The service hotline




     After-sales service is the core component of the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, and only good service can create a bigger market. Guangzhou Dayun is committed to the production of fine motorcycle, and provides specific service for the customer’s requirements. Carrying out the policy of Real on the Ground for the User Solves the Problem, upholding the service concept of Sincere, Caring, Creative Satisfaction, Guangzhou Dayun has established more than 3000 service station in the market, and has more than 300 units of tour service cars, full range coverage of county, township and town levels of the administrative region for creating the convenient five-star service for consumers.

   With the establishment and improvement of Dayun service image, service product, service channels, service promotion and other mating methods, Dayun motorcycle will provide more professional, save-time and economical services to customers.